EconoTeque Inc.

Providing Affordable and Accessible Green Transportation and Energy Options for Your Community​​



EconoTeque offers the EconoTrike to consumers looking for an affordable alternative to the standard passenger car with the speed and reliability of a standard passenger car.

The EconoTrike is commerically available.

For consumers seeking a more conventional form of green transportation, EconoTeque offers the EconoVehicle. This compact electric car provides consumers with an affordable and versatile means of long-distance green transport.

The EconoVehicle is commercially available.


Designed and distributed by EconoTeque, the new EconoBike electric bike is affordably priced to fit most budgets and can be customized to fit your travel needs.

It offers some of the comforts of a car.

A functional prototype of the new EconoBike is being developed.