Green Energy Systems

EconoTeque offers green enery systems that  uses the sun, the wind, the earth, water, and the atmospheric energy as their primary energy sources.
EconoPower Charging Station EconoTeque offers

The EconoPower Charging Station for EconoBike, EconoTrikes, and EconoVehicles.

The EconoPower Charging Station can be an integral part of all the above transportation devices,  or it can be a separate, external power charging station or grid which is independent of the existing, standard power grid. 

EconoTeque is currently developing  a functional prototype of the EconoPower Charging Station at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University.

Green Mobile Power Grid

EconoTeque offers a Mobile Power Grids which can provide green power. It can use the sun, wind, and water as its primary energy sources. It can be used as a standalone power unit or a backup power unit. The Mobile Power Grid can provide power to: remote locations, homes, schools, clinics, farms, businesses, and local police departments. It has provided power for military use and the Olympics.

 It can provide an estimated 1000 local jobs Per/Giga-watt. The local jobs will be in the areas of assembly, installation, and maintenance. 

The Mobile Power Grid is commercially available.